Do I Have to Pay Sales Tax for My FreshBooks Account?

If you have a FreshBooks account, FreshBooks is required to charge sales tax on your subscription based on your credit card's billing address in certain geographic locations. This is applicable to Canadian and US residents in the following places:


Canadian users in all provinces are required to pay the applicable provincial sales tax. This sales tax will vary by province:
  • Alberta: 5% GST
  • British Columbia: 5% GST
  • Manitoba: 5% GST
  • New Brunswick: 15% HST
  • Newfoundland and Labrador: 15% HST
  • Northwest Territories: 5% GST
  • Nova Scotia: 15% HST
  • Nunavut: 5% GST
  • Ontario: 13% HST
  • PEI: 15% HST
  • Quebec: 14.975% (5% GST + 9.975% QST)
  • Saskatchewan: 5% GST
  • Yukon: 5% GST

United States

American users in the following states are required to pay the applicable state sales tax and in some states, the county tax as well. Since the state and county taxes are applicable based on location, click on the link next to the state listed below that is applicable to you: