How do I track time on Android?

The Android app makes it easy for you to track your time while you're on the job. As a business, you can track time to document your business' and team's productivity, or to bill back to the client for your services worked.
Track time on Android with the below steps:
  1. Once logged into your account, tap on Time Tracking at the bottom
  2. Tap on the + button in the bottom right
  3. Choose between Time Entry or Timer
    New time entry button.
    1. If Time Entry is chosen, it will use the present date and time as the default starting time
      1. To change the starting time, tap on "Today at #:## AM/PM" section, then tap on either Date or Time
        Change starting date or time options.
      2. Select the new starting date or time of your time entry
      3. Next, use the - or + buttons to log your total time, or tap on the 1h 00m number to pull up a clock to select your total time
      4. Tap on OK to add it
      5. Then add your client, project, service and any notes
      6. Tap on Log Time at the top to log the time entry
    2. If Timer is chosen, a timer will start running
      A timer currently running at the bottom of the screen.
      1. Add your client, project, service and any notes, and leave the timer running as needed
      2. When you're done, tap on Log Time to stop the timer and log the time entry. 
If you need to delete a time entry that was created by accident or no longer needed, do the following:
  1. Tap on the Time Tracking section
  2. Tap on the entry you want to delete
  3. Scroll to the bottom and tap on Delete Time Entry
  4. Tap on Delete to confirm.