How do I customize my brand appearance?

Brand Appearance (formerly Logo and Theme) help communicate your business brand to your clients and help your invoices, estimates, and proposals stand out from the rest. Choose from a variety of template options and customize to your preference, as well as upload a logo and banner image.

Access your Brand Appearance

To access your Brand and Appearance section to customize your logo and theme, use the below steps:
  1. Go directly to Brand Appearance here, or select the Settings section
  2. Under Business Profile, select Brand Appearance
  3. Once you’ve made your updates, select the Save Changes button to finish.
Any changes you make will only apply to new invoices, Checkout Links, estimates and proposals going forward as well as any active recurring templates. From here you can customize the following:



The simple template has a logo in the top left corner with client and business information near the top and uses the logo for the image.
Invoice with simple template layout applied.


The modern template has a banner spanning the entire top with client and business information underneath on the right side and uses the banner for the image.
Invoice with modern template layout applied.


The classic template is similar to the simple template, except client and business information is located in the top left corner, making it ideal for most window envelopes for snail mail. The classic template uses the logo for the image as well.

Invoice with classic template layout applied.
When the invoice is paid, the classic template also includes a PAID stamp on the PDF when downloaded:
Invoice as a pdf with paid stamp at the top.

Theme Color and Font

On any of the templates, choose from one of the five preset colours, or select the last square on the right to choose your own custom colour. This will change the colour of your invoices', estimates', and proposals' lines and text. If using the modern template, the block above your banner will update to this new colour.
Six boxes with colours in them and font dropdown showing Modern selected.
For the font, choose between Modern or Classic.

Logo and Banner

Upload a logo for the simple and classic templates, and/or a banner for the modern template by either dragging a file to the area or selecting the select a file/an image link.

Logo preview.
Banner preview.
  • Accepted file formats are JPEG, GIF, and PNG
  • The Modern Banner recommended size is 778 x 200 px (can be repositioned vertically by dragging the image up or down)
  • The Logo recommended size is 266 x 200 px (or it will be scaled proportionally to fit)


Can I change my logo and/or theme on a specific invoice, estimate, or proposal?
Changing the logo and theme of a specific invoice, estimate, or proposal can be done while editing:
  • While editing the invoice, estimate, or proposal, hover over the logo or banner to replace or delete the current logo/banner. Make sure to save the invoice, estimate, or proposal after

  • To change your theme which includes the template, colour and font), under Settings, select  Customize Invoice / Estimate / Proposal Styles and select Done to save