How do I upgrade my account?

All new accounts start off on a free 30 day trial, and then you can upgrade it to one of our plans based on our current pricing options. Or if you're already on a subscription but you'd like to manage your plan and add-ons, you can do this anytime during your subscription period.
If you have an Account Manager, please reach out to them directly to make any updates to your FreshBooks subscription.

Prepare Your Account For Upgrading

First, ensure that you haven't outgrown your plan by doing any of the below:
  • Reduce the number of active and archived clients
  • Remove any unused team members
  • Remove any accepted accountants
  • Delete any active retainers
To delete any of the above, use the steps in How does archive or delete work? here first, then proceed with upgrading using any of the below steps.

New Users

If you are on a trial plan with FreshBooks and want to upgrade your account:
  1. Go to your Billing and Upgrade directly here, or select your profile picture or initials in the top right corner
  2. Then select Billing and Upgrade
  3. If needed, select the Monthly or Yearly sub-tab depending on how frequently you'd like to be billed
  4. Next, select the Choose Plan button
  5. If needed, add team members to your plan by selecting the number of team member seats
  6. Then select Review and Pay to complete your upgrade.
Once a trial account is upgraded to any of the paid plans available, a FreshBooks subscription begins, and you'll be billed every month or every year automatically.

Existing Users

If you’re looking to make any adjustments to your current plan, you can use the below steps:
  1. Go to your Billing and Upgrade directly here, or select your logo or initials in the top right corner
  2. Then select Billing and Upgrade
  3. Then select Manage Plan
From here, you can either: 
  • Select the Upgrade button to upgrade to the next plan available - you will only be charged for the prorated / remaining period if you are in the middle of your subscription
  • Select the Manage your plan button to add or remove any add-ons like team members and Advanced Payments
  • Or if you're currently paying monthly, select the Switch to Yearly link to save 10% off with annual payments instead
Alternatively, if you've tried to add a third client to your contractor or client account, or select a feature that's not available on your plan, an upgrade page will appear. You can choose the plan to upgrade to and your subscription will update accordingly with any prorated charges. 


Why are my credit card details not working when I try to upgrade?
Below are some common issues with credit card details not saving:
  • The credit card must be one of the accepted types (Visa, MasterCard, Amex or Discover) and is not a prepaid or debit credit card
  • The expiration date may be MM/YY or MM/YYYY depending on your card - try both options
  • Ensure all the details have been filled out manually, not auto-filled by your browser
  • Make sure the address matches your credit card's billing address - no spelling errors
  • Ensure there are no unsupported characters in your address like / and - 
  • Your browser may not be supported - for best results use Chrome or update your browser to the latest versions here
If all the above isn't working, check with your bank, particularly if you are located outside of Canada. Some banks may require you to authorize FreshBooks to charge your credit card on a recurring basis since FreshBooks is located in Canada.
What does the pricing include?
The pricing includes active and archived clients, deleted clients do not count towards the limit. Advanced Payments, FreshBooks Payroll powered by Gusto, and team members  are extra add-ons that can be added or removed anytime during your subscription. Credit card transaction fees are charged separately by the online payment option you choose.
How does FreshBooks' billing work?
We automatically charge your credit card information on a recurring basis as part of your subscription. As long as your credit card information is up to date, there'll be no interruptions to your recurring payments.
This billing date, which is determined by the date you upgrade your account, can also be confirmed by viewing your billing details in Billing and Upgrade with the steps here.
Can I use FreshBooks in my country?
FreshBooks is a Canadian company and follows the Government of Canada's imposed sanctions. If a country is listed with specific imposed sanctions, FreshBooks will not be available to use for that country.