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How do I track income generated outside of FreshBooks?

In FreshBooks, all income must be associated to an Invoice. If you’ve received income outside of FreshBooks and would like to track it inside your account, you can create an Invoice for the income amount, mark it as Sent, and then assign a Payment to it. The steps are easy!

Just follow this workflow:

  1. You’ll need to assign the Invoice(s) to a Client, so you may wish to create a ‘dummy’ Client. Head to the Client tab and click on the New Client button
  2. Create a Client called ‘Outside Sales’ or something to describe the income
  3. Click on Save to finish
  4. Head to the Invoices section and click on the New Invoice button
  5. Choose your newly created Client and enter the income information on the Invoice
  6. Save the Invoice as a Draft
  7. Return to the Invoices section and check the box off next to your Draft invoice(s)
  8. Click on the Actions button above the list
  9. Click on Mark as Sent and confirm again
  10. Check the box(es) off next to the Sent invoices, and click on the Actions button again
  11. Select Mark as Paid and enter your payment and any notes to finish. 

FreshBooks will now recognize these invoices as income and this will be reflected in your Reports. 

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