How Do I Use Share via Link?

Share via Link allow you to quickly send an Invoice over to anyone using a unique shareable link. This is useful if you need to send an Invoice through other means besides email, or if you need to share an Invoice with someone else that works alongside your Client.
Generate a link using the below steps:
  1. Go to the Invoices section
  2. Click on an Invoice to open it
  3. Then click on the More Actions button
  4. Select Share via Link
    Create a shareable link button on invoice.
  5. If the Invoice is a draft, click on Got it - Mark as Sent to confirm the status update
  6. The link will be generated - click on Copy to Clipboard to copy the link and paste wherever you need it. Once generated, you can use the steps above to access the link again
    Copy Link confirmation screen.
  7. Click Done when you’re finished.
  • Shared links will automatically mark the Invoice as Sent
  • Anyone with the link can pay the Invoice, but they will not be able to save the payment details to a Client Account
  • Links created by Share via Link do not include an option to create a Client Account since this link can be shared with anyone else; if your Client needs to create a Client Account, email them the Invoice instead
  • Changing the Client on an Invoice will deactivate any generated links from Share via Link and require a new one to be generated again