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How do I save or share Invoices?

Saving and sharing your Invoices is easy if you need to keep offline copies or share them with a Client or a team member outside of FreshBooks. Use the steps below if you want to save the Invoice as a PDF, or create a Shareable Link instead of emailing the Invoice to your Client or team member. 

Download PDF

Steps to download an Invoice into a PDF is below: 

  1. Open up any Invoice (from the Invoices section, click on it)
  2. Click on the More Actions button
  3. Click on Download PDF
    Download PDF button.
  4. In a few seconds, a new PDF file will be downloaded to your computer.  

Shareable Link

This will automatically mark the Invoice as Sent and generate a link that you can share with your team member and/or Client. The steps are below: 

  1. Go to the Invoices section
  2. Click on the Invoice you want to create a link for
  3. Click on the More Actions button
  4. Then select Create a Shareable LinkCreate shareable link button.
  5. You'll be asked to confirm updating the status of the invoice to sent - click on the Got it - Mark as Sent button
    Mark invoice as sent before sharing pop-up.
  6. A confirmation appears with the link - you can copy it yourself or click on the Copy to Clipboard link
  7. Click Done to finish. 
    Link confirmation screen.

Note: The Share Link will not include the option to create a Client account (to comment or save the Invoice). The Invoice will need to be emailed to the Client directly for them to create a Client account with the steps here.

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