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      How do I save or share Invoices?

      Saving and sharing your Invoices is easy if you need to keep offline copies or share them with a Client or a team member outside of FreshBooks. Use the steps below if you want to save the Invoice as a PDF, or create a Shareable Link instead of emailing the Invoice to your Client or team member.

      Download PDF

      Steps to download an Invoice into a PDF are below: 

      1. Open up any Invoice (from the Invoices section, click on it)
      2. Click on the More Actions button
      3. Click on Download PDF
        Download PDF button.
      4. In a few seconds, a new PDF file will be downloaded to your computer.

      If you'd like to download multiple Invoices as PDFs, use these steps instead:

      1. Go to the Invoices section
      2. Check off the box(es) next to the Invoices you want to save
      3. Click on the Bulk Actions button
      4. Select Download PDF.

      The selected Invoices will save as separate PDF files on your computer. Any attachments on the Invoice will be included in the PDF as well.

      Shareable Link

      This will automatically mark the Invoice as Sent and generate a link that you can share with your team member and/or Client. The steps are below:

      1. Go to the Invoices section
      2. Click on the Invoice you want to create a link for
      3. Click on the More Actions button
      4. Then select Create a Shareable LinkCreate shareable link button.
      5. You'll be asked to confirm updating the status of the invoice to sent - click on the Got it - Mark as Sent button
        Mark invoice as sent before sharing pop-up.
      6. A confirmation appears with the link - you can copy it yourself or click on the Copy to Clipboard link
      7. Click Done to finish.
        Link confirmation screen.

      Note: The Share Link will not include the option to create a Client account (to comment or save the Invoice). The Invoice will need to be emailed to the Client directly for them to create a Client account with the steps here.



      1. Open up any Invoice (from the Invoices section, click on it)
      2. Click on the More Actions button
      3. Click on Print and then your printer dialog will open up. 

      Note: You can print up to 50 Invoices using the Bulk Actions button in the list of Invoices.

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