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      How do I save an Estimate as a PDF?

      Saving your Estimates for offline use is as easy as downloading it as a PDF. This is helpful if you'd like to keep copies of your Estimates or share them with your team or Clients outside of FreshBooks. Steps to download an Estimate into a PDF is below:

      1. Open up any Estimate (from the Estimates section, click on it)
      2. Click on the More Actions button
      3. Click on Download PDF
        Download PDF button.
      4. In a few seconds, a new PDF file will be downloaded to your computer.

      If you'd like to download multiple Estimates as PDFs, use these steps instead:

      1. Go to the Estimates section
      2. Check off the box(es) next to the Invoices you want to save
      3. Click on the Bulk Actions button
      4. Select Download PDF.

      The selected Estimates will save as separate PDF files on your computer.

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