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      How Do I Create Estimates on Android?

      Estimates allow you to create and send an approximate outline of your Items or Services to your Client for approval before beginning the work. Once the Estimate is approved by the Client, you can easily convert it into an Invoice to start collecting payment!


      Creating Estimates

      You can create Invoices on Android with just a few quick steps:

      1. Once logged into your account, tap on More at the bottom
      2. Then select Estimates
      3. Tap on New (top right corner)
        New estimate button.
      4. Create your Estimate as usual with a Client, Estimate date, description, line entries, etc
      5. When you're done, tap on Save at the top right corner
      6. Feel free to tap on the Paper Plane symbol (in top right corner) to send the Estimate by email, or you can hit the Arrow symbol (top left corner) to return to the Estimates page. Your created Estimate will be saved as a draft.
        Symbols for other options.

      In the Estimates section, you can also check the status of your Estimates to see whether your Clients have viewed or Accepted an Estimate yet:
      List of estimates with different statuses.

      Accepting an Estimate

      When you send an Estimate to your Client, they receive an email with a link to the Estimate and a button to Accept it with a single click. This allows the Client to confirm your quote so you can start invoicing them.

      To Accept an Estimate yourself, you can use the below steps:

      1. Tap on the Estimates icon at the bottom
      2. Tap on the Estimate you want to mark as Accepted
      3. Tap on the ... symbol at the top
        Dot icon for more options.
      4. Select Accept and the Estimate will now be marked as Accepted. Accept button.

      Converting Estimates Into Invoices

      Once the Estimate has been reviewed by your Client, converting it into an Invoice is easy:

      1. Tap on the Estimates icon at the bottom
      2. Tap on the Estimate you want to convert into an Invoice
      3. Tap on the ... symbol at the top
        Convert to invoice button.
      4. Select Convert to Invoice and resume with editing the Invoice as needed.

      Viewing Comments

      Tap on the banner above any Estimate to view the history: 

      History of an estimate.

      This includes details on the Estimate, including comments between you and your Client:
      Comments on an estimate.

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