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      How do I switch businesses on Android?

      FreshBooks allows you to run more than one business from within your FreshBooks account. When set up, these businesses will run completely independently from each other; no financial information or any team members you may have will be shared between your businesses.

      With FreshBooks' multiple businesses feature, switching between businesses on your Android app only takes a few taps:

      1. If you're already logged into your FreshBooks account on the Android app, make sure you're backed out to the main page on any section of the app
      2. Then tap on your icon in the top right corner:
        Avatar button.
      3. Scroll down to the My Businesses section, and tap to switch. The business you're currently on will be checked off:
        List of multiple businesses.

      If you have a business that is expired or cancelled, you can tap on the Return to Login button at the bottom.

      Return to login link.

      This will take you back to the login page. Then once you login again, the app will automatically take you to your next active business, bypassing the expired or cancelled one.

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