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      How do Client Accounts work?

      As a Client, you can always pay Invoices, view and print Invoices, Estimates and Proposals with the link provided, without needing to sign up for an account. 

      A Client Account is useful for primary Clients, where you can save, view and comment on your Invoices, Estimates and Proposals, as well as collaborate on any Projects you've been invited to. You can also use your Client Account to save your payment information safely, making it easy to pay future Invoices. If you work with other people who also need access, you can invite them to your Client Account as Employees.

      If you create your own Invoice, Estimate, Project or add a new Business, your account will upgrade to a full FreshBooks account instead.


      Access your Client Account

      If you haven't created a Client Account yet (for Primary Clients only), you can start with these steps: 

      1. Open the Invoice, Estimate, or Proposal that you received, and view it online
      2. Click on Create an account to view all invoices / estimates / proposals from [Company] 
        Link to create a client account at top of invoice.
      3. In the pop-up, add a Password in the Create a Password field
      4. Click Create an Account and then you'll then be taken to your newly created Client Account.

      If you received an email inviting you to a Project instead, click on the button inside the email. You'll then be asked to create a password and fill out a little bit information about yourself. Your Client Account will then be created.


      To log into your Client Account, either option below: 

      • Go to and log in with your Email and Password
      • Open any existing Invoice/Estimate/Proposal and click on the Log in to view all invoices / estimates / proposals from [Company], then in the pop-up, enter your Email and Password 

      Note: If you're looking to close your Client Account, you'll need to create an Invoice, Estimate, or Project first. This will convert your Client Account into a regular FreshBooks account. From there, you can cancel with the steps here. Keep in mind that you'll lose access to all your saved Invoices, Estimates, Proposals, and Project discussions once you cancel.


      Comment on Invoices, Estimates & Proposals

      You can send comments and notes back to the person/business you received. Just use these steps:

      1. Open the Invoice, Estimate or Proposal
      2. Click on the text bubble button at the top of the Invoice, Estimate or Proposal
        Button to comment on an invoice.
      3. Type in your comment
        History of invoice with field to add a comment to.
      4. Then when you're done, press the Send button. The person who sent you the Invoice/Estimate/Proposal will receive an email with your comment automatically.

      : You do not need to create a Client Account to see an Invoice, Estimate or Proposal, to print or save as a PDF as long as you have the link.


      Pay Outstanding Invoices in Bulk

      With your Client Account, you can pay multiple outstanding Invoices at once with your payment information using the below steps:

      1. On any Invoice you’ve received by email, click on the x other outstanding invoices link at the top
        Other outstanding invoices link above invoice.
      2. If you have an existing Client Account, enter your password and click Log In
      3. Or if you have not created a Client Account yet, add a password and click Get Started
      4. In your Client Account, click on the Pay Outstanding Invoices at the top of the list of your Invoices in the Invoices section
        Pay outstanding invoices link above list of invoices.
      5. Continue paying with the steps outlined here and all your selected outstanding Invoices will be paid simultaneously.


      Save Payment Information

      You can use your Client Account to save any credit cards and Bank Transfer details for re-use on any new Invoice that comes in. Click here to read the full steps. Once the payment details are saved, you can re-use it anytime you pay another Invoice. You'll be prompted to log into your Client Account first in order to use the saved information to pay the Invoice.


      A Client Account allows you to collaborate with others on any Project you've been invited to. You can access this by clicking on the Project section in your account to view the discuss area anytime.
      Discuss section of a project.
      Here's what you can share inside a Project:

      • Comments
      • Files (images, gifs, PDFs, documents, spreadsheets)
      • Links

      The size limit for files is 50 MB per file.


      Team Members

      If you work with other people who also need access to your received Invoices and Estimates/Proposals only, you can also invite them as an Employee into your Client Account. Use the below steps: 

      1. In your Client Account, click on My Team
      2. Click on the Invite... button and select Employee
        My Team section with invite button.
      3. Enter the email address in the To: field, and add a personal message if needed
      4. Click Send Invitation. Your contact will receive an email with instructions to set up a login with your Client Account.

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