Frequently Asked Questions

What are Client Account Statements?

An Account Statement for your Client allows you to share key details with your Client such as: 

  • Any outstanding balance
  • Invoices and Payment history
  • Record-keeping purposes

If you'd like to see Client Account Statements added to FreshBooks, please submit your suggestion here!

In the meantime, to send your Client an Account Statement, you can modify an Invoice Details Report and send the CSV file to your Client. Use these steps: 

  1. Go to the Dashboard
  2. Scroll to the bottom to the Advanced Reports section
  3. Select Invoice Details Report.
  4. Click on the For This button next to the title of the report to reveal the filters
  5. Customize your Date Range as needed
  6. Under Clients, select the Client you want to run this report for
  7. Keep Invoice Status set to All and click Apply
    Filters for specific client's invoices.
  8. Click on the More Actions button
  9. Select Export for Excel
    Export for Excel button.
  10. Remove any Draft Invoices from the Excel file and adjust the calculations (see Excel's guide on the SUM function here)
  11. Save the CSV file and send to your Client.


Would you like to see Client Account Statements added? Submit your feature suggestion here:

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