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      How do I manage my WePay account?

      FreshBooks Payments is powered by WePay. All your transactional details can be found inside your WePay account, and you can see details from your WePay account in your Online Payment Settings or in your WePay account directly here.


      To access your Online Payment Settings, use these steps:

      1. Click on the gear icon in the top left corner
      2. Click on Manage Online Payments.


      FreshBooks Payments In Transit

      Payments in transit widget with details of payments.

      • Total Payments in Transit - This shows the total of your payments that have been processed by WePay and is being transferred to your bank account
      • Next Estimated Deposit - When the payments will be deposited into your bank account, which is determined by your payout schedule
      • Last Deposit - When your most recent payments were deposited into your bank account


      Account Settings

      Click on the Account Settings tab to get an overview of your FreshBooks Payments account:Account settings tab with details on FreshBooks payments account.

      • Accept ACH Bank Transfer - For American users, you can choose to accept ACH (Automated Clearing House) Bank Transfers as another payment type from your Clients
      • Accept VISA Debit Cards - For Canadian users, you can choose to accept VISA Debit as another card type from your Clients
      • Advanced Payments - For both American and Canadian users, you can upgrade to add Advanced Payments to charge your Clients’ credit cards yourself


      All Transactions

      Click on the All Transactions tab to see all your transactions in one place, including the following: 
      List of all transactions with details.

      • Client / Invoice Number - The Client and Invoice number the transaction was processed on
      • Transaction Date - The date the online payment was submitted by the Client
      • Type / Gateway - The type of credit card used (AMEX, Discover, MasterCard, Visa) and the payment gateway the payment was processed on (FreshBooks Payments)
      • Fees Paid - The transaction fee paid on that particular transaction
      • Amount / Status - The total amount processed on the transaction as well as the status of the payment (Declined, Processing, or Succeeded)

      Use the slider icon next to All Transactions to filter the list of transactions by either Start Date, End Date, Status, Payment Type, Gateway and/or Currency as needed.


      Account Details

      • Email - This is the email associated with your FreshBooks Payments account. To update it, use these steps:

        1. Log into your WePay account here
        2. Click on Security

          Email details and button to change.
        3. You'll automatically be on the Identity sub-tab, click on Edit next to your email
        4. Enter the new email
        5. Click Update to save. 

      • Edit Payout Schedule - The payout frequency that determines how often a withdrawal is made from your WePay balance to your bank account. The shorter the transfer period, the quicker you receive your funds. You can choose from daily, weekly, or monthly. Use these below steps to change the frequency:

        1. Log into your WePay account here
        2. Click on Settings
        3. Click on the Settlement Details sub-tab
        4. Click on the Change button next to Transfer PeriodChange button next to transfer period.
        5. Choose your new Transfer Period and click Submit to finish.
      • Manage My Account - This link takes you to your WePay account
      • Account ending in xxxx / Update My Bank - The last 4 digits of your connected bank account is displayed here. Only one bank account can be added in a WePay account (and it must be in the same currency as your account type – USD or CAD). To update your bank account, use these steps:

        1. Log into your WePay account here
        2. Click on Settings
        3. Click on the Settlement Details sub-tab
        4. Click on the Change button next to Bank & AccountBank account details with button to change.
        5. Update with your new bank details and click Add Bank to finish.


      Where can I find reports on my transactions and settlements to reconcile? 

      You can download either of these two reports directly from your WePay dashboard under the Reporting tab. Click on the Download CSV button in either of these Reports to download them:

      • Payments Report – This shows all transactions that enters or exits your WePay account (payments, refunds, credits).  This also includes all transaction fees if you want to see the total fees processed in any given period.
      • Settlements Report – This report lists all transactions that are grouped together in each settlement. These settlements also include information on when the total settlement amount was sent to your bank.


      Where can I switch between my businesses inside my WePay account? 

      Like our multiple businesses, your WePay account can have several accounts under the same email. You can switch between any of them by clicking on the account in the top right corner of your WePay account: 

      WePay account with multiple accounts under the account switcher.


      Looking for more information on FreshBooks Payments by WePay? Check out other articles here.

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