How do I refer FreshBooks to others?

If you're enjoying using FreshBooks and want to spread the good word with referrals, you can refer or recommend FreshBooks to others either through our referral or affiliate programs.

Referral Program

If you have a FreshBooks account, you can refer FreshBooks to others by sending an email, a Facebook Message, a Facebook post, or through your unique referral link. As a reward, you'll receive a $100 service credit towards your FreshBooks subscription.
To get started, use these steps:
  1. Log into your FreshBooks account
  2. Select your profile picture or initials in the top right corner
  3. Then select Refer a Friend.
From here, you can select either: 
  • Referral Link - Select Copy next to the referral link to share anywhere
  • Email - Enter the email address of the friend you want to refer, customize the email as needed, and select Send
  • Messenger - Select the Messenger icon to enter the friends you want to refer, create a message, and select Send
  • Facebook Post - Select the Facebook icon to customize a Facebook post with the link, choose where to post to, and select Post to Facebook
  • X / Twitter Post - Select the X / Twitter icon to customize a post with the link and select Post to X
Reward Details 
  • Rewards are redeemed when your referral has upgraded and is on a paid plan for 60 days
  • If you have not received your reward, ensure your friend has signed up using your referral link and upgraded to a paid plan, and that it has been 60 days since the upgrade
If you don't have a FreshBooks account, you can still recommend FreshBooks to others with our referral program.

Affiliate Program

FreshBooks's affiliate program allows you to monetize your content using trackable links available through our trusted third-party affiliate network partner, Share‑a‑Sale. VIP commissions are available for top performers.