How does the Zapier app work?

Zapier is an app that allows you to connect different apps together to automate tasks and save time, especially with FreshBooks. As the owner or the admin of the FreshBooks account, you can connect any of Zapier's 6000+ integrated apps together to make your own automations, without writing any code.
Each automation, called a Zap, has one app as the trigger and one app as the action. The trigger is where your information comes from and causes one or more actions in other apps.

Set Up

To set up Zapier with your FreshBooks account, use these steps:
  1. First, sign up for Zapier
  2. Then in Make a Zap, under Connect this app..., enter in FreshBooks
    Connect this app with FreshBooks selected.
  3. Then under with this one! search for another app that you want to connect FreshBooks with
    Search for app field in make a zap screen.
  4. Next, under When this happens, choose a specific Trigger
    Make a zap screen showing fields for a trigger and an action.
  5. Then under then do this!, choose a specific Action
  6. When your trigger and action is filled out, select the Make a Zap! or Try it button
  7. In the Zap editor, under FreshBooks, select either the Sign in button, or the Choose button and then select Connect a New Account to connect your FreshBooks account
    Sign in button to connect a FreshBooks account.
  8. Enter your FreshBooks login credentials as the owner or as the admin, and select the Log in button
    Login page for FreshBooks account.
  9. Then select the Allow access button to grant permission for Zapier to access your FreshBooks account
    Allow button to grant Zapier access to FreshBooks.
  10. Your FreshBooks account will now be connected and you can continue with the rest of your Zap setup.
    Connected FreshBooks account in Zap editor.

Zapier Resources

List of Apps
To find out what apps are available in Zapier for you to connect your FreshBooks account with, go to Zapier's list of apps and search for your app. If it's listed, it's available to connect to FreshBooks via Zapier. 
Supported FreshBooks Triggers and Actions