How do I contact FreshBooks Support?

Support is free and available by phone and by email during our office hours. Self-serve support is available globally and 24/7 through our Help Centre here and through our chatbot, FreshBot.

Contact Options

To call or email our Support team, use FreshBot to get a region-specific phone number or to submit a ticket. Our office hours are located here.
If you have an active FreshBooks account:
If your FreshBooks account is active, use the below step to reach our support team:
  1. If you’re logged into your FreshBooks account, access the FreshBooks Support page here
  2. Otherwise, log into your account at
    1. If you're on a mobile browser, click on the 3 stacked lines first
    2. Then click on the gear icon
    3. Next, click on Help
  3. For Email Support, click on Ask Us
    Ask Us button on contact support page.

    1. Type in “contact support
    2. Follow FreshBot’s instructions to submit an email
  4. For Phone Support, scroll down to the bottom of the page to view your region-specific phone number
  5. Click on Show Support Key (or use SHIFT + K as the keyboard shortcut). You’ll need to provide this over the phone to verify your identity.
    Support key pop-up showing a six digit code.
For other users:
If you can’t log into your FreshBooks account, or you don’t have a FreshBooks account yet, use these steps to reach our support team:
  1. Click on Get Help in the top corner of the Help Centre
  2. Try asking FreshBot your question if it can be answered instead
  3. Otherwise type “contact support
  4. Follow FreshBot’s instructions for a region-specific phone number or to submit an email.

Ask FreshBot

Our support chatbot FreshBot is available 24/7 and uses machine learning (AI) to match your question with an answer. Answers are written and updated by FreshBooks Support to ensure they are accurate and helpful. FreshBot can give you quick and concise answers, and direct you to helpful FAQ articles in our Help Centre for more in-depth information.
Tips for using FreshBot
  • Use short phrases
    • For example, try “subscription receipt” instead of “where can I get a copy of my receipt?
  • Ask one question at a time
    • For example, try “how do I delete an invoice?” instead of “how do I delete an invoice and do a refund?
  • Try different ways of asking your question, using different words
  • Click on any suggestions to see the answers for them or for next steps
  • When prompted, sign into your FreshBooks account for answers specific to your Business and role
  • If you need to talk to a Support Specialist, type in “contact support
We’re always working to improve FreshBot. Rating and submitting feedback at the end of every conversation that you have helps us make the necessary improvements so that FreshBot can continue to be effective.

Help Centre

The FreshBooks Help Centre is full of detailed information on how to use your FreshBooks account with step-by-step instructions. Use the search if you have a specific question, or browse to learn about FreshBooks and its features. The Help Centre is updated with the latest updates and improvements on a regular basis to help you find what you need. If you have any feedback for the Help Centre, please pass it along by contacting Support directly.
Searching is the quickest way to find information on a specific topic or the answer to a specific question.
  • When using the search, use short and simple keywords like “send invoice” instead of “I really need a way to send multiple invoices
  • Use keywords that appear in FreshBooks, like “Recurring Payments” instead of “auto payments” for better results
  • Articles related to your search will appear even if the keywords you use aren’t in the title
Browse by feature area if you aren’t sure where to start. Articles are organized based on the navigation inside your FreshBooks account.
  • Click on any category to see all sections and articles under that category
  • Some sections may have more articles that are hidden from the view, click on View All to see more articles
    View all link next to a section title with articles underneath.