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What do my Clients see paying an Invoice with FreshBooks Payments or Stripe?

FreshBooks makes it easy for your Clients to pay their Invoice right away with a credit card. If you have FreshBooks Payments or Stripe enabled on an Invoice, here's what your Clients will see:

  1. Your Client receives After clicking the View Invoice link in their email, they will be taken directly to the Invoice that you created
    Email indicating you've recieved an invoice.
  2. Your Client can click on the Pay Now button at the top 
    Pay Now button.
  3. Then your Client can enter their credit card details and click on Review
    Screen with credit card fields to fill out.
  4. After reviewing the details, your Client can click Submit Payment to finish.

That's it! The funds will automatically be moved into your bank account connected in your FreshBooks Payments or Stripe dashboard.

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