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      What is an Accounts Aging Report?

      The Accounts Aging Report will show you which Clients are taking a long time to pay their Invoices.

      You can run an Accounts Aging Report by doing the following:

      1. Go to the Reports section
      2. Click on Accounts Aging under Payments Reports.

      The Report is broken up by intervals: 0-30 Days, 31-60 Days, 61-90 Days, and 90+ Days. This makes it really easy for you to quickly see who you need to chase down. 

      The Accounts Aging Report summarizes all Overdue Invoices, and is dependent on the due date on your Invoice(s). If an Invoice was sent on April 1st, with a due date of May 1st, and today is May 18th, that would be included in the 0-30 Days column.



      Click on the Client or Total headers at the top of the report to sort your data in ascending or descending order by that particular header 

      To adjust your view of the Accounts Aging Report, click on Filters under Settings. From there, you can change: 

      Filters for accounts aging report.

      • Reset all - Click on this link to restore the filters back to the default settings
      • As Of - Choose between Today (all links are clickable), End of Last Month, End of Last Quarter, End of Last Year or Custom to enter a specific date range (or if you’ve changed your Fiscal Year End date, choose from the extra options)
      • Currency - Toggle between multiple currencies

      Note: Links to Invoices are only available when viewing the Accounts Aging Report As Of - Today. Changing the As Of to a date in the past or future will remove links to invoices.

      Clicking More Actions in the top right will give you the option to Export your Report to Excel, or Print your Report.

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