What is an Expense report?

The Expense report breaks down all of your expenses into detail, including any applicable taxes.
You can run your Expense report by doing the following:
  1. Select the Reports section
  2. Then select Expense Report under Invoice and Expense Reports.
To adjust your view of the Expense report, select Filters under Settings. From there, you can change:
Filters on the expense report.
  • Reset all - Select this link to restore the filters back to the default settings
  • Date Range - Choose from This Month, This Year, Last Year, This Quarter, Last Quarter, or Custom to enter a specific date range (or if you’ve changed your fiscal year end date, choose from the extra options)
  • Group By - Choose between Category, Merchant, Source, Client or Project to group your expenses together by
  • Limit To - Choose between Internal, All Clients or a specific client, and if needed, filter to a specific Project
  • Exclude Personal Expenses - Check this box off to exclude expenses categorized as personal from your Expense report to only show business-related expenses
  • Currency - Toggle between multiple currencies, only one currency can be viewed at a time
Note: If you have transactions that have been marked as an Expense Refund in bank reconciliation, these will appear in the Expense Refunds section at the bottom of your Expense report.
Additional options can also be accessed in the top right corner of the Expense report:
  • More Actions
    • Export for Excel - Download the report as a CSV file
    • Print - Print the report or save the report as a PDF using the print dialog
  • Send... - Send the report to any specific email addresses
Watch a reports-specific webinar that covers some of our common reports including the Invoice Details report in more detail here.