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      What is an Expense Report?

      The Expense Report breaks down all of your Expenses into detail, including any applicable taxes.

      You can run your Expense Report by doing the following:

      1. Go to the Reports section
      2. Select Expense Report under Invoice & Expense Reports.


      There are a few things you’re able to adjust when running the Expense Report. Click on the drop down next to the Report title, and you'll see some filters:
      Expense report with pop-out showing filters to apply.

      • Date Range - Set the range for which dates you’d like Expenses pulled in from
      • Group By - Choose between Category, Vendor or Source to group your Expenses together by
      • Exclude Personal Expenses - If you've categorized some of your Expenses as Personal, you're able to exclude these from your Expense Report - making it super easy to track both business and personal Expenses from within your account
      • Currency - If you're tracking multi-currency Expenses, you can toggle the currency of the Expense Report here

      Clicking More Actions in the top right will give you the option to Export your Report to Excel, or Print your Report.

      The exported CSV file will also contain a column for Cost of Goods Sold, so you can see which Expenses have been marked as COGS.


      Watch a Reports-specific webinar that covers some of our common reports including the Invoice Details Report in more detail here.

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