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      What is an Invoice Details Report?

      The Invoice Details Report gives you a detailed overview of all Invoices you have created in a given time period. You're also able to customize this to show you a particular range of Invoices with the optional filters.

      You can run an Invoice Details Report by doing the following:

      1. Go to the Reports section
      2. Click on Invoice Details under Invoice & Expense Reports.

      There are a few things you’re able to change when running the Invoice Details Report. Click on the drop down next to the Report title, and you'll see some filters:
      Invoice details report with filters.

      • Date Range - You can set a date range you would like this Report to include information within
      • Issue Date/Paid Date - You can choose either Issue Date which will take into consideration the date of issue on the Invoice, or Paid Date which will look at when the payment was actually received
      • Clients - Choose between All Clients or select specific Clients to filter by
      • Invoice Status - Choose one or multiple statuses (such as Disputed, Paid, Draft, etc)
      • Currency - If you've Invoiced in multiple currencies, use this to select the currency you wish to run the Report for

      If you're running the Invoice Details Report for all Clients, at the top you'll have a summary which shows you the total amount invoiced and paid within your date range.

      Clicking More Actions in the top right will give you the option to Export your Report to Excel, or Print your Report.


      Watch a Reports-specific webinar that covers some of our common reports including the Invoice Details Report in more detail here.

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