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      How does the G Suite integration work?

      FreshBooks integrates with Google's G Suite application to bring you the benefits of G Suite into your account. This integration has three features which include single sign-on, invoicing Google contacts and previewing Client emails. Read below for more on this integration:


      To benefit from the FreshBooks integration you'll need to go to the Google Marketplace and add FreshBooks as an app to your G Suite Account.

      If you don't see the FreshBooks integration, you may be logged into a different Gmail account. Ensure you're logged into your G Suite account and the FreshBooks integration should appear in the Marketplace.

      G Suite Marketplace listing.


      Single Sign-On (SSO)

      Once that FreshBooks app as been added to your G Suite account, you can now use SSO (Single Sign-On) to log in to your FreshBooks account directly from the G Suite console.


      Invoice Google Contacts:

      • When creating a New Invoice, you can assign a Client by typing to search any FreshBooks Clients, or any Google Contacts
      • When you add a Google Contact to an Invoice, they will be automatically added as a FreshBooks Client. Only Google Contacts that have been invoiced will be added as Clients - the integration will not sync Contacts and Clients between FreshBooks and G Suite


      Preview Client Emails:

      • Click on the Client section, then click on any Client to view their profile. The Client Relationship feed displays records of activity relating to your Client
      • The G Suite integration will pull emails from your Gmail account so you can preview them within the Relationship feed
      • Emails can be expanded to see more details
      • Responses can be sent within the feed by clicking the Reply link, which will redirect you to your Gmail account and allow you to respond to the emailRelationship feed showing gmail messages.


      How do I connect my G Suite account to FreshBooks?

      1. The most common issue here is that your G Suite email address does not match the one we have for your FreshBooks account. Make sure that both accounts share the same primary email address. Please note this isn't necessary for those who have purchased G Suite from FreshBooks
      2. If this is the case and it still will not connect, verify that you installed the right app FreshBooks - Cloud Accounting for Small Business Owners
      3. If it still doesn't work, contact Support at 1-866-303-6061.


      When I go to my FreshBooks account outside of G Suite, I can't sign in (no password):

      This happens if you've created a FreshBooks account through G Suite. One of the consequences of this quick sign up process is that no password is ever created. To fix this:

      1. You will need to access FreshBooks through your G Suite account to login
      2. Once logged in, click on the gear icon in the top left corner
      3. Click on My Profile
      4. Then set up a password (setting up your account with a new password does not affect your current login with G Suite).


      How do I move to a different G Suite Account?

      1. Disconnect FreshBooks from My Profile and make sure that this app no longer appears as installed on your old G Suite account (you can see this on the dashboard)
      2. After all is cleared, re-install the FreshBooks app from your new G Suite account. You'll need to make sure that your G Suite email matches your FreshBooks account email, and you choose already have a FreshBooks account.


      How do I disconnect G Suite from my account?

      1. Once logged in, click on the gear icon in the top left corner
      2. Click on My Profile
      3. Click on the Disconnect linkG Suite disconnect button inside profile.
      4. Enter in a new password and click on the Save button to disconnect the G Suite integration.Message to confirm disconnect in profile.

      If you'd also like to uninstall the app from your G Suite account:

      1. Go to your Admin panel inside your Google account here
      2. Once logged into the admin console, click on Marketplace Apps (icon)
      3. Click on FreshBooks
      4. On the top right corner of this next page, click on the garbage can icon to remove.

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