How Do I Request a Deposit?

A Deposit allows you to ask for a portion of your Invoice to be paid upfront before the rest of the balance is due. Deposits are useful if you need to collect prepayment or secure funds before the work can begin. A flat amount or percentage-based amount can be requested on your Invoice using the below steps: 
  1. Go to the Invoices section and click on the New Invoice button to create a new Invoice, or click on the pencil icon over any existing Invoice to edit it
  2. Under the Amount Due, click on Request a Deposit
    Request deposit link.
  3. In the Request a Deposit pop-up, choose between Percentage of the Invoice of value, or Flat Amount
    Percentage or flat total options.
  4. Click on Add Deposit to confirm
  5. Once added, your Invoice will reflect the Deposit Due
    Deposit due banner on top of invoice.
  6. Save or Send the Invoice to finish.
Deposits can be deleted by hovering over the right side of the Deposit amount and clicking on the trash can icon.

How does the Deposit appear to my Clients?

When you look at the Invoice, you'll see the status is Sent, but you can also clearly see that a deposit has been requested:
Admin view of a deposit requested on an invoice.
When your Client looks at the Invoice, they'll also see a banner at the top of their Invoice clearly showing that there is a Deposit Due:
Client view of a deposit requested on an invoice.
If a Client is paying their Invoice online, they'll be required to pay the full deposit amount. As the Owner, you are able to manually add partial payments if necessary. Check out our article on manually adding Payments if you need a hand with this.
When the deposit has been paid, you'll now see the Invoice status change from Sent to Deposit Paid:
Admin view of a deposit that has been paid on an invoice.