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      How Can I Connect to the Freshbooks API?

      An API (application programming interface) is the building blocks developers use to create software and applications. Think of it as the linking of information between one source and another and the automation of tasks between them.

      If you are a developer/programmer interested in building an integration with your account, FreshBooks' API makes it easy to create these integrations. We use OAuth2 for authentication.

      You can find our current documentation here, and follow these steps to access our API from within your FreshBooks account:

      1. Create a new FreshBooks account here. If you already have an existing new FreshBooks account, log into it
      2. Go to the Create Application page here
      3. If already logged in, you'll be taken to the Application page, or you will be asked to log into your FreshBooks account first
      4. Click on the Create an App button

        Create an app button.

      5. Fill in the fields and Save your application

        API form for a new app.
      6. Once your application is submitted, you can continue using your FreshBooks account as your sandbox or testing environment so you can build your FreshBooks integration using the API.

      To access this page again:

      1. Follow the Developer link again here
      2. From here, you're able to view and manage your applications
      3. To create more applications click the Create an App button.

      If you have any questions please contact

      To check out our available integrations, you can go here.

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