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      What are Notifications?

      Notifications allow you to stay up to date with your FreshBooks account's activity. This can range from recent events like whenever an Invoice's due date has passed, a Client comments on a Project, or an Employee accepts your invitation to a Project, and more.

      Both the administrator and Employees have their own notifications inside their account, and this can be found by clicking on the bell icon in the top left corner of your account. If any new notifications are available, you will see the number inside a circle over this bell:
      Notification bell icon.
      Click on the bell icon anytime you want to open up your notifications and you'll see the most recent notifications here. You can also click on any notification to be taken to the relevant area.

      For example, you can click on a notification for your Client and Employee who just joined a project, and you'll be taken to that specific Project's page.
      List of notifications.



      How long do my notifications stay for?
      Notifications that are older than 3 months are automatically deleted.

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