Frequently Asked Questions

Can I track Expenses in other currencies?

Tracking your spending in multiple currencies has never been easier! FreshBooks supports multi-currency expenses, so you can add expenses in different currencies to keep track of your business' costs.

All expenses you create will automatically default to your Base Currency (which you can change by clicking on your avatar/circle in the top left corner, then click on Company Profile).

Creating Expenses

When creating an expense, follow these extra steps to change your currency: 

  1. Click on Currency under Expense Settings on the right side


  2. Click on the drop-down and select your new currency


  3. Click Save and you're done.

Tracking Your Spending

  1. Click on the Dashboard (left menu)
  2. Scroll to Spending
  3. Click on the text that shows the year (currency)


  4. Select a different currency and the Spending graph will update. 

Expense Report
Check out this article here to see where you can change the currency on your Expense Report.