How Do I Manage Clients on iOS?

In FreshBooks, the people you send Invoices or Estimates to are Clients. You can add, manage and delete your Clients as your business grows.

Create Clients

You can create Clients inside the iOS app with these steps:
  1. Once logged into your account, tap on More at the bottom
  2. Then tap on Clients
    Client button.
  3. Next, tap on the symbol (top right corner)
    Add new client button.
  4. Choose between Create Manually or Import From Your Phone
    Choose how to add new client with two options.

    1. For Create Manually, type in the Client's First Name and Last Name, and if needed, add the Company or tap on Add Address, Add Email, Add Phone Number or Add Internal Notes for more details as needed
      Client profile with fields to enter details.
      1. When you're done, tap on Save at the top right corner to finish adding the Client
    2. For Import From Your Phone, select the Client(s) you want to import from your Contacts
      List of phone contacts that can be selected.

      1. Then tap on the Import [X] Clients button
      2. If only one Client is imported, review the imported information and then tap on Save to finish. Otherwise if multiple Clients are imported, tap on the Client's name in the list to review the details imported for that specific Client.
Note: Internal Notes is private and only visible to you and your team if you want to keep track of client details.

Manage Clients

In the Clients section, you can see your list of Clients. To sort them, tap on the Showing bar above the list of Clients and select either:
Showing bar above list of Clients.
  • Company Name
  • Primary Contact (First Name)
  • Total OutstandingClient
  • Filter By:
    • Active
    • Archived
    • Deleted
Tap on any Client, then tap on Edit to do any of the below: 
  • Update Client Profile information
  • Archive the Client
  • Delete the Client