How do I export my reports?

The reports in FreshBooks put all the data together to present you with a picture of your business' finances, both generic and specific. Reports are useful for tax reporting as well as helping make business-related decisions based on your numbers and data. You can also use reports to export any data out of your account as needed, for historical reporting purposes.
Reports in FreshBooks can only be run in one currency at a time. If you're looking for multi-currency Reports, review the FreshCurrencies app instead.
All of the reports available in FreshBooks can be easily saved or sent by email (like to your accountant), and you can also invite your accountant to view them using the steps in How do I invite and manage team members? here. There are three options available in each report, in the top right corner:

Export for Excel

  1. Select More Actions
  2. Then select Export for Excel
  3. A CSV file will download to your computer.


  1. Select More Actions
  2. Then select Print
  3. You can either print out this report, or choose to save it as a PDF inside the printer dialog box.
    More actions button above report showing Export for Excel and Print options.


  1. Select the Send button.
  2. An email template will appear. Enter in the email address and if needed, specify a personal message
  3. When you're done, select the Send Report button. A copy of the report will be available to download from within the email. The link to download the report will be valid for up to 30 days.
    Send button above report with email template open.