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      How do I attach receipts to my Expenses?

      To help keep track of your spending, you can attach receipts to your Expenses. This is helpful if you are required to save all receipts for your business-related Expenses and tax deductions.

      Attaching receipts to your Expenses is easy in FreshBooks. Just follow these steps:

      1. Go to the Expenses section
      2. Click on the Expense you want to add a receipt for (or create a new one with the steps here)
      3. Click on the Edit button
      4. You can either drag the file to the receipt section (top right corner of Expense), or click on the select a file link
        Select a file link.
      5. If selecting a file, a pop-up appears asking you to choose a file - select one and click on Open
      6. You will now see a thumbnail preview of your receipt in the corner. You can click on it to preview it
        Expense receipt preview.
      7. Click Save and that's it.

      If you'd like to rebill the expense and the receipt image onto an invoice, check out the steps here.



      Why can’t I upload my Receipts?

      There are several reasons this might be happening:

      • Try to upload the file again, in case the issue was a temporary one
      • The file size is more than 2 MB
      • Try using a different web browser
      • Try uploading the receipt while in Incognito/private browsing mode

      If either of these last two options work for you, the problem was likely caused by a browser add-on or extension. You can disable it and see if it works.

      If the previous options don’t work, the image/PDF file might be corrupted or have non-standard formatting applied to it.

      Open the image or PDF on your computer, then choose Save As (normally found under the File menu) and save it somewhere else on your computer. Now try to upload the newly saved file.

      Why can’t I preview some of my Receipts?

      Certain file types, like PDFs, require you to download it before you can view it. 

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