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How do I get started as a Contractor?

Congratulations on being invited as a Contractor in FreshBooks! We know your first priority is getting up and running quickly, so we've prepared this guide that shows you exactly what you need to know and do. 

As a Contractor, you'll be tracking time, Invoicing your new Client (your employer who invited you), and collaborating on Projects that you're invited to. 

FreshBooks, if you're not familiar with it already, is an online invoicing service that helps freelancers and small business owners save time, get paid faster and look really professional. You easily keep track of time, bill your Clients and work with Contractors - which is you by the way!

Here's how you can get set up: 

  1. You'll have received an invitation from your new Client/employer
  2. Click on the Get Started button
    Email invite to become a contractor.
  3. You'll be taken to a new page. Enter your new password to join the team
    Create password to set up contractor account.
  4. Click on the Get Started button
  5. Click on the Set Up My Business button 
  6. Enter your name and your business name
  7. Finish with the set up and you'll be taken to your account. 

If you are invited to a Project by your employer, you'll see it appear inside your Projects section (left side menu). 

You can now track time, generate an Invoice (or just directly Invoice) for your Client, or collaborate on any invited Projects

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