What are payment reminders and late fees?

Payment reminders and late fees allow you to remind your clients about their outstanding invoices by sending a reminder email and/or by charging a percentage or flat fee for any invoices past their due date on any new invoices you create.

To update your payment reminders and have it apply to all clients, existing draft and new invoices and recurring templates, you can edit all three reminder emails in your email customization instead.

Access Payment Reminders and Late Fee

There are multiple ways to adjust all three payment reminders and the late fee:
  • Select the Settings section, then under Business Profile, select Email Customization to adjust your payment reminders across all clients, invoices and recurring templates globally
  • Select the Clients section, then select any client, and select the Edit button
  • Select the Invoices section, then select the New Invoice button

Payment Reminders

Remind your client of their unpaid invoice by sending up to three reminder emails with these steps:
  1. From within the client profile or the invoice itself under Client Settings, select Send Payment Reminders
    Send reminders button.
  2. Check the box off next to Automatically send payment reminders for this client’s invoices
    Checkbox enabled to send reminders with additional settings.
  3. Reminder #1 will appear, specify the number of days and choose whether to send this before or after the due date
  4. To customize the email message, select the slider icon and enter inside the Enter a Personal Message box, then select Done
    Personal message area to customize email reminder.
  5. If needed, select the Add Another Reminder button and repeat steps 3-4 to create a second and/or third reminder
  6. Select Done to save your changes.
  • Activating payment reminders applies to existing and new invoices only for that client, and will send reminders for any future dates
  • Payment reminders are sent to whoever the invoice was initially sent to, including any secondary contacts
  • To send additional reminders anytime, even after all 3 are sent, select the comment icon at the top of any invoice and enter in the Send a message… field; this will send an email to your client with the message and a link to the invoice
    Comment button at top of invoice with history shown.

Charge Late Fees

Charge a one-time late fee if your client takes too long to pay an invoice. This late fee is applied as a new line item to your invoice and can be set up with these steps to new invoices only:
  1. From within the client profile or the invoice itself under Client Settings, select Charge Late Fees
    Charge late fees button.

  2. Check the box off next to Automatically add late fees to this invoice if it goes unpaid for too long
  3. In the How Much? section, choose between Percentage or Flat Fee
    1. If Percentage is chosen, specify the percentage and choose between charging a percentage of invoice value (the maximum amount to charge a late fee for) or of outstanding balance (late fee is calculated on the remaining total after any partial payments)
      Percentage option selected with additional fields to fill out.
    2. If Flat Fee is chosen, specify the amount to charge
      Flat fee option selected with additional fields to fill out.
  4. If needed, select Add Taxes and select up to two sales taxes to apply to the late fee, then select Apply Taxes
  5. In the When? field, enter the number of days after the due date for the late fee to apply
  6. Select Done to save your changes.
Note: Updating late fees on an invoice will also apply to new invoices moving forward for that client.