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What are Late Payment Fees and Reminders?

Even the most reliable Clients can sometimes forget about the occasional Invoice. You can give them a nudge in the right direction to get those outstanding Invoices paid. This is where Late Payment Reminders and Late Fees come in:

  • Invoice Reminders lets you gently (or harshly!) remind them about unpaid Invoices without lifting a finger
  • Late Fees also allows you to automatically charge a percentage or flat fee to your Invoices that age past a set deadline to encourage your Clients to pay on time

Both these are available on all of our paid pro plans, and you can check out other ways to get paid faster here. There are also two areas within FreshBooks you can enable both reminders and fees:

Option 1: Client Profile

When you're creating a new Client, or editing an existing Client, you have the option to enable Late Payment Reminders and Late Fees from the Client Settings:Client profile late fees and reminder button.

Option 2: Invoice Settings

When you're creating a new Invoice, you can also enable or disable Late Payment Reminders and Late Fees. A Client will need to be selected for the Invoice, and then you'll see the following:Late payment reminders and fees options on invoice.

Late Payment Reminders

You're able to send up to three Late Payment Reminders which are only sent to the primary Client (secondary Clients do not receive these reminder emails). These reminders can be sent at customizable intervals, x-number of days after the Invoice Due Date:

Send reminders options.

Clicking on the icon with three circles and lines will give you the option to enter a personal message to your Client.

Note: Late Payment Reminders won't send retroactively for any Reminders where the number of days has already passed on an Invoice's Due Date.

Late Payment Fees

When it comes to Late Fees, you're able to either add a Percentage of the Invoice value, or a Flat Fee, x-number of days after the Due Date. The Late fee is calculated based off the Subtotal of the Invoice (before Taxes). You also have the option to apply Taxes to the Late Fee if necessary. 

Charge late fees options.

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