What Is the FreshBooks API?

What is an API?
An API (application programming interface) is the building blocks developers use to create software and applications. Think of it as the linking of information between one source and another and the automation of tasks between them.
Do I need to be a developer to use the API?
You will need some level of experience coding to use the API along with OAuth2 for authentication. That being said, while you do write some form of code to use the API, you don’t have to consider yourself a full-time developer to use it. The API is accessible to people with varying degrees of programming experience.
What can the API do?
You can use the API to automate different parts of your FreshBooks account or to create integrations with your favourite Apps.
Some people have used the API to:
  • Have new clients automatically added to their FreshBooks account when they subscribe on a personal website
  • Get a notification in their favourite instant messenger whenever a client pays an invoice
  • Send their clients customized payment reports
  • Automatically send their clients a thank you email after a milestone or anniversary
If you're looking to use Webhooks to keep your application in sync with FreshBooks as well, you can find more information on Webhooks here.
Ready to get started? Head over to the new API docs. Need a hand? Reach out to api@freshbooks.com with any questions.
To check out our available Apps, you can go here.