Frequently Asked Questions

How do I rebill Expenses?

Rebilling Expenses in FreshBooks is as simple as assigning it to a Client, optionally adding a markup, and then adding it to an Invoice. Steps are broken down below: 

Assigning an Expense to a Client

  1. Go to the Expenses section
  2. Click on an existing Expense, or the New Expense button
  3. If editing an existing Expense, click the Edit button
  4. Under Expense Settings (on the right), click on Mark as billable


  5. Check the box off, and new fields will appear: 


  6. Add your Client, and add a markup if needed (optional)
  7. Click Done, then click on Save to finish.

Rebilling the Expense to an Invoice

  1. Go to the Invoices section
  2. Click on an existing Expense, or the New Invoice button
  3. If editing an existing Expense, click the Edit button
  4. Click on the Add a Line button
  5. All unbilled Expenses for this Client will appear as "x unbilled expenses for (Client)". Click on it to add it to the Invoice


  6. Note that if the Expense(s) have been marked up in the earlier steps, only the final markup price is shown to the Client on the Invoice


  7. From here, you can continue putting together the rest of your Invoice, as well as deleting any unwanted Expenses that you don't want to bill on this specific Invoice. You can click Save or Send to finish.  


I assigned the Expense to a Client, but it's not appearing on the Invoice for rebilling. Why? 

Both the Expense and Invoice have to be in the same currency. If it is not appearing, you can change the currency on the Invoice with the steps here.

Can I mark the Expense up on the Invoice?

You can only mark up the Expense while editing it. Follow the steps above to reach the Mark as billable section, and then you can add the markup to it. When the markup is saved, you can then re-add it to the Invoice with the new cost.