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      What are Apps & Integrations?

      Apps allow you to integrate FreshBooks with a variety of other apps to bring added functionality to your FreshBooks account and your business. You can explore apps anytime during your trial or after you've upgraded your account.


      Find our full list of available apps to integrate your FreshBooks account with here.


      FreshBooks partners with a handpicked list of recommended apps across the categories most important to small business owners. All of the apps that are FreshBooks recommended, plug into your account to help extend the available features and save you time by syncing data between your business apps.

      Below is a brief list of some apps that connect with FreshBooks:

      • Bench
      • Expensify
      • Harvest
      • Hubspot
      • Mailform
      • PayPal
      • Payroll
      • Shopify
      • RightSignature
      • Square
      • Toggl

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