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How do I manage my Company Profile?

The Company Profile contains important details about your business that is displayed on all your Invoices, Estimates and Proposals. This is also where you can choose your Base Currency, Standard Rate and date format as needed.

To access your Company Profile, use these steps:

  1. ​Click on the circle icon in the top left corner (it'll either be a photo or your initials)
  2. Click on Company Profile

Each section is explained in detail below:
Company profile with fields.

  • Company Name - This is the name of your business, and is displayed on Invoices, Estimates, Proposals and in emails to your Clients

  • Address - This is your business’ address and appears on all Invoices, Estimates and Proposals

  • Base Currency - This is the default currency for your account (you can still change currency on any Client profile or Invoice/Estimate/Proposal with the steps here)

  • Date Format - This determines the date formatting of your Invoices, Estimates and Proposals dates

  • Business & Mobile Phone - Use this to display your phone number as needed

  • Standard Rate - Specify a rate here to apply to all unbilled time entries (especially if no other Billing Method is selected, which you can read more about here)
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