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Frequently Asked Questions

Which web browsers can I use with FreshBooks?

FreshBooks makes it possible to access your account anywhere on the web. For the best possible experience, whether you’re a Business Owner, Client, or a Team Member, you can ensure your browser is on the latest version and clear any cache and cookies as needed. 

Clear Cache & Cookies

If your browser is unable to access FreshBooks, clearing the cache and cookies will help. Use the below steps depending on your browser: 

Browser Versions

FreshBooks will operate on the minimum versions required below:

  • Chrome - 2 most recent versions
  • Firefox - 2 most recent versions
  • Internet Explorer - version 11+
  • Microsoft Edge - most recent
  • Opera - version 51+
  • Safari - 2 most recent versions

Note: If you are a Client, make sure your browser is up to date and your browser is able to accept cookies. This helps you view any sent Invoices, Estimates and Proposals without any login required.

To update your browser, or see if any new updates are available, click below on the browser of your choice for the steps:

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