How do I use projects with my team members?

Whether you have a team or you’re looking to grow a team, working together in FreshBooks on projects is simple and easy. Anyone invited to a project can share files and collaborate so that everyone stays on track.
To get started, read below, or jump to a specific section:

Invite Your Team Members

There are a few roles in FreshBooks that you can assign to your team members. Each role comes with different sets of permissions depending on what you’d like them to work on.
  • Admins - Most access to your business’ account
  • Managers - Most access to your business’ account
  • Employees - Some access to your business’ account
  • Contractors - Have their own account and some shared information to yours
  • Accountants - Some access to your business’ account

Add Team Members to Projects

Once you’ve invited your team members, you can start assigning them to projects:

Invite project members dropdown inside project.
  1. Select the Projects section
  2. For existing projects, select it, then select the Edit button
  3. For a new project, select the New Project button
  4. Select the + icon under Team Members in the top left
  5. Select your team members by using either:
    1. The Select All checkbox
    2. Individually checking off boxes next to the team member(s)
    3. The Search field and/or Filter by Role option to check off specific boxes
  6. Select the Update Team Members button
  7. Then select Save to finish and once invited, team members can collaborate in the Discuss tab.
Everyone that’s invited can share files, leave comments, and view others’ files and comments as well. With everyone working together in projects, it’s easy to stay on the same page and keep productivity up.

Learn more about projects and what can be shared in What are projects? here.

Assign Billing Rates

If you're creating projects with Team Member Rates as the billing method, the rates are pulled from Billable Rates. This allows you to bill different amounts for time tracked depending on your team member’s hourly rate.
You can set up rates for each team member with the below steps:
  1. Select the Team Members section
  2. Then select a team member
  3. Select Set Billable Rate, then enter in the new or updated rate
  4. Then select Save to apply the new rate.