How do I set up a bank connection with Yodlee?

Yodlee, one of our third party connectors, can help you get your expenses automatically imported from your bank accounts, credit cards, and PayPal accounts (crypto, investment, loan, and line of credit accounts will not be imported). These transactions are imported into your account through a mix of data sharing methods like Open Banking and data extraction depending on the financial institution.
All accounts you set up will appear in the Bank Connections section, and any newly imported expenses (up to 30-90 days of activity) will appear in the Expenses section for you.

The below steps are for specific users in certain supported countries. If you’re not sure which bank connection partner to use, look for your supported country here.

Bank Connections can pull up to a maximum of 90 days of activity, if you're looking to import older transactions, review How do I import expenses from a file? instead.

Add a Bank

Renaming accounts with nicknames is only available for users on the legacy Yodlee experience for now.
Add a bank connection using the below steps: 
  1. Before beginning, ensure you’re using the correct steps by confirming which partner supports connections for your country here
  2. Using a web browser, select the Bank Connections section
  3. If you find your bank in the top 12 popular banks, select it
  4. Otherwise, if you don’t find your bank, select the Find your bank link below the top 12
    Find your bank link in Bank Connections section.
    1. Then search for your bank using the name of the bank (at least 3 letters long), or the bank’s website link
    2. If the name of the bank and the bank’s website link matches what you normally log into online, select it
  5. If your bank is not listed or available, please submit a request to have your bank added here
  6. Once you’ve selected your bank, enter in your bank’s login credentials and select Submit
    Login credential fields to connect to your bank.
  7. If requested, answer any security or verification questions until all have been answered correctly and select Next
  8. Stay on this page and wait up to 10 minutes for all your accounts to finish loading when all spinning icons disappear (otherwise closing or leaving this page will require you to start over with the steps)
    Bank accounts linking in progress notification.
  9. Once all accounts have finished loading, either: 
    1. For users on the legacy Yodlee experience, select remove or rename account to delete any unwanted accounts from importing transactions, or to rename accounts to unique nicknames to help identify which account is which
      Rename or remove account links on setup page.
      1. In the Edit Account section, either:
        1. Select the Nickname field to add a nickname, then select Save Changes
          Add Nickname field inside edit account.
        2. Select the Delete Account button to remove this account from being imported
          Delete Account link inside edit account.
          1. Check the box off next to All account-related data will be deleted permanently, this means that Yodlee will no longer pick up this account from the connection after it’s been deleted, and no information is deleted from the bank account
            Confirmation screen asking to confirm deletion of account.
          2. Then select the Delete button to confirm
          3. Next, select the button in the top corner to close the Delete Account confirmation
    2. Select Import to import all selected accounts
  10. A pop-up will ask you to how far back to import expenses from - choose between Today, 7 Days ago, 30 Days ago, 90 Days ago, or Custom
    Dropdown for date ranges to bring in expenses from.
  11. Select Done
  12. You’ll now be taken back to the Bank Connections section, leave this page open for at least 10 minutes
  13. After 10+ minutes, a confirmation will appear, and the status next to your bank account will display as Updated <1 minute ago
  14. Next, you can go to the Expenses section and start organizing your newly imported expenses, which can take anywhere from 1 minute to 2 hours to appear depending on the bank connection.

To look for expenses that have not been assigned a category, select the Advanced Search button and choose Uncategorized Expenses in the Category field, and select Apply

Advanced search box with uncategorized expenses selected as an expense category to filter results by.

We recommend checking your bank connections on a regular basis to ensure your expenses are consistently importing with no errors or actions required by you.

If you’re experiencing issues connecting your bank account, review How do I troubleshoot a bank connection with Yodlee? here.

Automatically Categorize Imported Expenses

If you have a lot of expenses that are consistently importing in that belong to the same category, you can mark them to automatically apply the category for you next time. This requires that the expense is imported in with the exact same merchant name every time for it to be automatically categorized. Use the below steps: 
  1. Select the Expenses section
  2. Then select the pencil icon on the right side of the expense you want to edit
  3. If the expense does not have a category yet, select Choose a category and pick one
  4. If the merchant is not filled out, select Add Merchant and enter in a new merchant or choose from an existing list
  5. Check the box off next to Apply to future imported expenses
    Automatically categorize expense checkbox on expense.
  6. Select Save to finish.