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      How do I use Advanced Payments on iOS?

      Advanced Payments is an add-on that you can include with your subscription, allowing you to proactively charge your Clients' credit card details they've provided you. If you're on a Select plan, this add-on is automatically included.

      On the iOS app, Advanced Payments allows you to process Clients' cards over the phone or in person on Invoices so you can get paid quickly. If you have repeat Clients, you'll also be able to save the credit card information for use towards future Invoices and Recurring Templates.

      If you don't have Advanced Payments on your account yet, learn more about how to set it up here.


      Charge Cards

      Charge Cards allows you to proactively charge your Clients with their credit card information. You can securely accept credit cards in person, over the phone, or from your computer to get paid quickly.

      This can also be used for when you need to charge a Client immediately on an Invoice.

      Credit card details are securely saved in FreshBooks. You can read more about our industry-leading PCI compliance security with credit card data here.

      1. Tap on the Invoices section
      2. Next, tap on an Invoice you want to pay
      3. Press on ... in the top corner
      4. Tap on Charge Credit Card
      5. Tap Scan Card at the top if you want to scan the credit card
      6. Or, enter in the credit card details in the fields providedAdvancedPaymentsCCFields.png
      7. Once you’re done, tap Charge in the top right corner.

      The Invoice will now be paid with the credit card details you’ve inputted.

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