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      What is the Retainer Summary Report?

      The Retainer Summary report is a detailed breakdown of all time tracked by you and your team for any Client that has a Retainer.

      Note: This report is available if you have Retainers on your plan.

      You can run a Retainer Summary Report by doing the following:

      1. Go to the Reports section
      2. Select Retainer Report under Time Tracking Reports.



      To adjust your view of the Retainer Summary Report, click on Filters under Settings. From there, you can change: 

      Filters for the retainer summary report.


      • Reset all - Click on this link to restore the filters back to the default settings
      • Client - Choose which Client’s Retainer you’d like to view
      • Period - Choose a period from your Client’s Retainer to view specific time entries from
      • Group By - You can choose to organize the entries by Team Member, Client, Project or Service


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