How does the Hubspot app work?

HubSpot is an inbound marketing, sales and service software to help attract visitors, convert leads and close customers. HubSpot integrates with FreshBooks to sync your HubSpot Customers and Evangelist leads into FreshBooks as clients as you win leads. Invoices and payment activity for these synced clients are also synced back to HubSpot so you can evaluate the return on your marketing efforts.

Set Up

To set up HubSpot with your FreshBooks account, as the business owner, use these steps:
  1. Go to the Hubspot listing
  2. Select the Log In button
  3. Sign into your FreshBooks account with your email and password and click Log In
  4. Select the Allow access button to allow HubSpot to connect to your FreshBooks account
  5. If you have multiple businesses, choose a business to integrate with, then select Log In again
  6. Enter your HubSpot email address and password, and select Log in
  7. If you have multiple HubSpot accounts, choose the HubSpot account you want to integrate with your FreshBooks account
  8. Then select Grant access
  9. Ensure Initial Sync and Ongoing Sync are checked off in the Configure window, this allows any future clients to be synced into FreshBooks moving forward
  10. Select Save to continue, and your HubSpot contacts will start syncing into FreshBooks within 1-10 minutes.

Details of the Sync

From HubSpot
All new and existing HubSpot leads that are Customers and Evangelists are automatically imported into your FreshBooks account as clients with their contact details. You can also view the 5 most recent invoices and payment details from these synced clients in their respective contact profiles inside HubSpot.
From FreshBooks
If you create a new client in FreshBooks, HubSpot will create a matching contact with the lifecycle stage of Customer.


What information is synced between my HubSpot contacts and FreshBooks clients?
Both HubSpot and FreshBooks will match with the below:
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Company/Company Name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Mobile phone
  • Street/Street address
  • City
  • Zip/Postal code
  • State/Region
  • Country
What happens if I have multiple FreshBooks clients with the same email?
HubSpot will sync the contact details to the most recently created client in FreshBooks.
My contacts were not synced, what happened?
If your contacts are not syncing to FreshBooks or vice versa to HubSpot, check the following:
  • In HubSpot, your contact must be in the Customer or Evangelist lifecycle stage
  • In both HubSpot and FreshBooks, client must have an email address
Once you make the necessary adjustments, it can take anywhere from 1-10 minutes for the sync to update.
What happens if I delete a customer in HubSpot or a client in FreshBooks?
Whether the customer in HubSpot or the client in FreshBooks is deleted, its corresponding match in the other software will not be removed. You will need to delete the copy of the contact or client in the other software as well.
If the contact is deleted in HubSpot, then later is updated inside FreshBooks with any of the synced information shared between the two (e.g., email), it will trigger HubSpot to recreate the contact.
Why are invoices and payments from a FreshBooks client missing in their HubSpot contact profile?
First, ensure the correct contact and company profile are linked in HubSpot. Then, review if you have integration activity turned off with these steps:
  1. In HubSpot, ensure you’re inside a contact’s profile
  2. Select the Activity tab at the top
  3. Select the Filter activity (x/x) link
  4. Ensure Integrations is checked off
  5. Review if the FreshBooks Invoices and FreshBooks Payments sections appear on the right side of the contact profile.
How do I remove the HubSpot integration with FreshBooks?
Please contact our support team and we’ll help remove it for you.