Is Freshbooks GDPR compliant?

As of May 25, 2018, FreshBooks and its Data Protection Officer (DPO) has implemented processes to comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements.
If you are a citizen of the EU and wish to exercise your rights under GDPR, FreshBooks offers:
  1. The right to have your personally identifiable information anonymized (the right to be forgotten)
  2. The right to have your account data exported (the right to data portability)

Personally Identifiable Information

When this is requested, the following will occur:
  • Your personally identifiable information will be scrambled within your FreshBooks account (your client’s invoices and information will remain intact)
  • Once anonymization is complete, you’ll be unable to log back into your account (your clients will still be able to access their invoices from you)
  • You’ll no longer be billed for your FreshBooks subscription - no refunds will be provided for subscriptions that are in the middle of a normal billing period
  • Correspondence with our support team will be removed and you’ll be unsubscribed from marketing emails by us

Account Data Export

When requesting to export your data, you’ll be provided with a package of information containing both CSV and PDF files for all the information required under GDPR.
Note that if your account has larger amounts of information, this may take some additional time to complete, and we may need to send the information in multiple pieces due to file size. We’ll work with you along the way to ensure you receive all of your information.

GDPR Requests

If you would like to request either of the above actions be taken, please email directly from your email address on file with your FreshBooks account, and specify the details of your request.
We’ll complete your request within 30 days as per GDPR requirements. Please note that in the case of a request to anonymize, we’ll be unable to email you afterwards as the records will be no longer accessible.