What are the keyboard shortcuts?

Learn the available keyboard shortcuts so you can navigate through your FreshBooks account quickly. Open up your account and press the corresponding keys simultaneously to do any of the below actions. To open the shortcut menu, press SHIFT + ? on your keyboard:

ActionKeyboard Shortcut
Show Support KeySHIFT + K
Open Keyboard Shortcuts MenuSHIFT + ? 
Go to Online Payments section SHIFT + O
Go to Invoices sectionSHIFT + I
Create new Invoice SHIFT + SPACE + I
Go to Clients sectionSHIFT + C
 Create new ClientSHIFT + SPACE + C
Go to Expenses sectionSHIFT + X
Create new ExpenseSHIFT + SPACE + X
Go to Estimates sectionSHIFT + E
Create new EstimateSHIFT + SPACE + E
Go to Time Tracking sectionSHIFT + T
Go to Projects sectionSHIFT + P
Create new ProjectSHIFT + SPACE + P
Go to Reports sectionSHIFT + R
Note: Not all shortcuts will be available if you are on a different role other than a business owner.