Is FreshBooks down?

Occasionally FreshBooks availability may change over time due to unforeseen circumstances. Please go to our status page here for the latest updates anytime.

Subscribe to Notifications

We also recommend subscribing to updates so you're notified of our availability anytime. You can use the below steps: 
  1. Go to the status page here
  2. Select the Subscribe to Updates button in the top right
  3. Choose between Email, SMS (Text), Webhook, Twitter, Atom/RSS Feed notifications
  4. Enter your details and select Subscribe
You'll be notified every time FreshBooks creates, updates or resolves any incidents in the future.

Unsubscribe from Notifications

To discontinue receiving updates of our availability, you'll need one of the previous notification emails to unsubscribe with the below steps: 
  1. In any notification email you've received from our status page, select the Manage your subscription link at the bottom of the email
  2. On the FreshBooks status unsubscribe page, uncheck the boxes next to each update type as needed and select Save
  3. Otherwise, select Cancel Subscription to unsubscribe from all notifications entirely
  4. Then select the Unsubscribe from Updates button to finish.