How Do I Access My Receipts for My FreshBooks Subscription?

Receipts are statements indicating proof of payment for your FreshBooks Subscription. These receipts are generated after each successful payment and emailed to the Business Owner’s email address listed in Account. Payments to FreshBooks appear as "FreshBooks [Phone Number] DE USA", or by our original business name "2nd Site Inc" on your bank statements. 

Access Receipts

Receipts section showing list of receipts.
Receipts can be accessed with these steps:
  1. Click on the gear icon in the top left corner (or click here)
  2. Next, click on Billing & Upgrade
  3. Then click on the Receipts button at the top of the page

    Receipts button next to your plan button.
  4. To filter your receipts, click on the All Time button in the top right
    1. Click on the dropdown underneath Date Range
    2. Choose between All Time, This Year, Last Year or Custom
    3. Click Apply to update your list of Receipts
Only receipts up to the last two years are stored in your account. Please reach out to us if you’d like access to receipts older than two years.

Download Receipts

To download your receipts, either:
  1. Click on the down arrow on the left of any receipt to quickly download it individually

    Quick download button on a receipt.
  2. Or check off the box(es) next to the receipt(s) you want to download

    Two checkboxes are enabled next to two receipts.

    1. Then click on the Actions button
    2. Select Download PDF and the receipts will be saved to your computer.

You can also use Bank Connections to bring in your FreshBooks Subscription as expenses and attach the receipt to each charge.


What email and subject line do you use for emailing the receipts?
Receipts are emailed from with the subject line of “Receipt for your FreshBooks Subscription”.

I’m not seeing the receipt emails in my inbox, where are they?
  • Check to see if the receipt emails ended up in your Junk or Spam folder
  • Ensure our email at is safely whitelisted in your email client
  • Check your credit card statement to ensure you were charged for the month/year - if a payment was missed, a receipt will not be generated and emailed to you

Why do I see a negative balance on my receipt?
This is likely due to a payment initially declining then was later retried successfully while in between subscription periods.
When the initial payment declines, no receipt is generated. Later on, when the payment successfully retries, proof of payment is rolled over to the next subscription period and will appear on the next payment’s receipt instead.