How Do I Receive Invoices Into My Account?

When another FreshBooks user sends you an Invoice, you can save that in your account under the to me sub-tab inside the Invoices section for safekeeping anytime you need to review their Invoices. You can also easily convert that Invoice into an Expense, which can help you keep track of payments to your Contractors and vendors.

Save Invoices to your Account

Once you’ve saved an Invoice from a Business, all future invoices from this same Business will automatically show up in the to me sub-tab in your account. New invoices from new Businesses will require you to use the below steps to set up the connection each time:
  1. Open the Invoice you received via email in your web browser
  2. Click on the Log in to view all invoices / estimates / proposals from [Company] link
    Link to log into account above invoice.
  3. Enter the Password associated with your FreshBooks account
  4. If you have multiple Businesses, choose the Business to receive Invoices from this sender
  5. You’ll automatically be logged into your account (in the Business you’ve selected) and taken to the to me (Received Invoices) area.
    To me sub-tab to find all received invoices.
Once you’ve set up the connection, any other Invoices also sent by the same sender will automatically appear in this list of received Invoices. View any received Invoice and click on More Actions and select either Print or Download PDF to save your Invoice offline.
  • If you’re not seeing the received Invoices inside your account (or in any of your multiple Businesses), and you've already tried the steps above, reach out to our Support so we can help move the connection to the correct account
  • Reach out to the Sender of the Invoice for any updates, including marking it as paid

Convert Received Invoices into Expenses

Once you’ve successfully received an Invoice in your account, you can easily convert this (or any future Invoices from the same sender) to an Expense. Just follow these steps:
  1. Go to the Invoices section
  2. Click on the to me sub-tab
    To me sub-tab to find all received invoices.
  3. Find the Invoice you want to Expense, and click on it to open it
  4. On the Invoice itself, click on the Convert to Expense button at the top right
    1. Or click on More Actions first if you don't see it, then click on Convert to Expense 
  5. You’ll be taken to the New Expense setup where the invoice details are automatically recorded in the Description for you, you can edit anything here as needed
  6. When you’re done, click Save to finish and the Received Invoice is now an Expense. The Expense itself will also have a View Invoice link so you can review the Invoice itself anytime.
    Expense with details of the received invoice in description and a link to view invoice.