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      How do I set up a Bank Connection with Salt Edge?

      Salt Edge, one of our third party connectors, can help you get your expenses automatically imported from your bank and credit card accounts. All accounts you set up will appear in the Bank Connections section, and any newly imported expenses (up to 90 days of activity) will appear in the Expenses section for you.


      Our Product Team is currently working on making Salt Edge available for more users soon if you don't have it in your account yet. The below steps are for specific users in certain supported countries. If you’re not sure which bank connection partner to use, look for your supported country here.



      Add a Bank

      1. Before beginning, ensure you’re using the correct steps by confirming which partner supports connections for your country here
      2. Using a web browser, click on the gear icon in the top left corner
      3. Click on Bank Connections
      4. Then click on the Connect My Bank button
      5. Read the Before You Connect pop-up about turning on each account to start importing transactions, then click Let’s Go to continueBefore you connect pop-up with details about activating connection.
      6. Type the name of your bank, or the country your bank is based in, into the search bar
      7. Click on the correct result you want
        Choose your bank screen with search bar and results underneath.
      8. Enter your bank’s login credentials and click on Proceed
      9. Click Confirm to grant Salt Edge consent to access your bank data
      10. Salt Edge will begin connecting to your bank account
      11. Click Confirm again to grant your GDPR consent to Salt Edge
      12. You’ll be taken back to your Bank Connections - click to turn the toggle green next to the accounts you want to import transactions from.Two bank accounts connected with one toggle set to on.

      Your account(s) will now be connected for three months (due to PSD2 requirements) and new transactions (up to 90 days of activity) will be imported into your Expenses section.

      We recommend checking your Bank Connections at least every 90 days so that you can re-authenticate your connection and to ensure your Expenses are consistently importing with no errors or actions required by you.

      Automatically Categorize Imported Expenses

      To save you time, you can have Categories remembered for future Expenses that are imported in. To utilize this feature, simply edit one of your imported Expenses, and check off the box next to Apply to future imported expenses:
      Automatically categorize expense checkbox on expense.

      Once you enable this, FreshBooks will recognize imported Expenses from the same Merchant and will categorize them with the remembered Category moving forward. The Merchant field must be filled out in order for the auto-categorization to work.



      How do I disconnect my bank?

      Note that disconnecting a bank will not remove expenses that have already been imported in for that account. To disconnect, follow these steps:

      1. Click on the gear icon in the top left corner
      2. Click on Bank Connections
      3. To disconnect the bank entirely, next to the bank you want to remove, click on the Disconnect link
        Disconnect link under bank account.
      4. To disconnect a specific bank account, click on the bank itself to show the connected accounts and click to turn the toggle off next to the account. Transactions will stop importing for that specific account.

      If you're trying to re-add this bank, there is a chance of duplicate Expenses being imported in again upon connection. We recommend checking your Expenses section afterwards to delete any duplicates that appear.


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