How do I use mileage tracking on iOS?

Mileage tracking is keeping a record of every time you drive for business, whether it’s purchasing work supplies or meeting clients. The mileage you’ve logged can then be submitted for tax deduction or reimbursement as a cost of running your business.
Mileage Tracking is only available for business owners only, in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom, and only on iOS phones, not tablets. Ensure the correct country is selected in Basic Information settings.

Set Up Mileage Tracking

In order for mileage tracking to work, your location needs to be tracked at all times for trips to be logged automatically. Set up with the below steps: 
  1. From the Dashboard, tap on the Try the New Mileage Tracking button
  2. Or, tap on the More... button at the bottom right and then select Mileage Tracking
    Mileage Tracking button in app.
  3. Then tap on the Get Started button
  4. If this is your first time, you’ll be prompted to turn on Location Services, select Allow Access
  5. In the pop-up on your phone, select Allow While Using App
    Allow while using app pop-up.
  6. Next, for Automatic Tracking, tap on Go to Settings
  7. In your phone’s Privacy & Security settings, ensure Location is set to Always
    Location settings set to Always.
  8. Tap on Got It to finish your setup
  9. Once you start driving, trips will automatically be logged by the FreshBooks app in the background until you’re ready to start classifying them.
If your phone prompts you about FreshBooks using your location x times in the background over x days, ensure you tap on Always Allow every time.

Classify Personal and Business Trips

Once you’ve activated automatic tracking, any trips you take will automatically appear in the Unreviewed Trips tab.

Unreviewed Trips
To access all your unreviewed trips, use the below steps:
  1. Tap on the More... button at the bottom right
  2. Then tap on Mileage Tracking
  3. Then select the Unreviewed tab if you’re not on it already.
    Unreviewed tab in mileage tracking section.

Mark as Personal or Business Trip
Since all trips you take are automatically logged, you can mark a trip as either:
  • Personal - This will not be counted towards your business expenses
  • Business - This will be counted towards your tax deductions or for reimbursement

To mark a trip on the Unreviewed tab, either:
  • Swipe to the left, or tap on the Personal button to mark it as a personal trip
    Mark as personal button.
  • Swipe to the right, or tap on the Business button to mark it as a business trip
    Mark as business button.

Reviewed Trips
Find all trips you’ve reviewed, including those marked as Personal or Business, by tapping on the All tab: 

All tab in mileage tracking section.
To adjust the list of reviewed trips, tap on the Business Trips for [Year] link at the top of the list. From there you can adjust the list to show either:
  • Date Range - Choose to only view the current year (year to date) or a different year
  • Trip Type - Choose to only view either business or personal trips, or leave both checked off to view all trips

Add and Manage Trips

Add Trips

Manually add a trip anytime using the below steps: 
  1. Tap on the More... button at the bottom right
  2. Then tap on Mileage Tracking
  3. Tap on the + Add Trip button in the middle or the button in the top right corner
    Add a trip button.
  4. For the Category, choose Business or Personal
  5. The Start Date and time will default to today, tap to change to a different date and time
  6. Tap on Start Location and choose your starting point
  7. Next, tap on End Location and choose your destination
  8. The Distance will automatically be calculated, tap to adjust the distance if your route was longer or shorter
  9. Tap on Save to finish and your trip will be logged in the All tab.

Edit Trips

Trips can be edited with these steps:
  1. Tap on the More... button at the bottom right
  2. Then tap on Mileage Tracking
  3. Select the All tab
  4. Tap on the trip you want to edit
  5. Next, you can change the Category, Start Date, End Date and Distance as needed by tapping on them
  6. Then tap on Save in the top corner to finish.

Delete Trips

To delete a trip permanently, use these steps:
  1. Tap on the More... button at the bottom right
  2. Then tap on Mileage Tracking
  3. Select the All tab
  4. Tap on the trip you want to delete
  5. Next, tap on Delete Trip and select Delete to confirm. The trip will be removed from your Reviewed Trips.

Mileage Tracking Report

To get a report of all your mileage tracked as a CSV file, including mileage deductions, use the below steps:
  1. Tap on the More... button at the bottom right
  2. Then tap on Mileage Tracking
  3. Tap on the paper plane icon
    Send report plane icon.
  4. Then tap on the year to date you want
  5. A link to the CSV file of the report will be sent to the email listed in your Account.

Alternatively, you can log into your account on a web browser, go to Reports and download the Mileage Tracking Report under Accounting Reports.


Where can I view my mileage Rates and Distance Units?
To view your mileage rates and distance units, which are determined by the CRA, HMRC, and IRS, use the below steps:
  1. Tap on your avatar or initials in the top left corner
  2. Then tap on Mileage Tracking
  3. Ensure Location Services is activated
  4. Tap on Mileage Rates and the allowance rates will be listed. Distance Units will be displayed as Miles (mi) for US and UK, and Kilometres (km) for Canadian users.
One of my trips is missing, how do I fix it?
If you notice a trip was missed, you can log it manually using the steps above. To ensure future trips are not missed, review the following: 
  • The FreshBooks mobile app is on and running in the background
  • Location Services is set to Always (not While Using the App) and Precise Location is activated for the FreshBooks app
  • Have Background App Refresh and Motion and Fitness activated for the FreshBooks app
  • Keep your wifi on
  • Avoid using Low Power Mode
  • Avoid or deactivate antivirus or security apps which may block mileage tracking